furry_little_problem: (What did you say?)
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Full moon tomorrow, friends busy, great.
rlupin: (ME 1)
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Hot chocolate could use more caffeine.
smalfoy: (pic#6283887)
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Are we really required to dance?
gildylocks: (serious face)
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I'm too pretty to make friends.
sophically: be mistaken, err, go astray (erro)
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There is no excuse for bullying.
loyaltovoldemort: (Default)
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The Dark Lord will rise again
aspittingimage: (Yes I'm grounded)
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Having siblings is way too complicated.
mooney: (Default)
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Stop. Why are you enabling this?
bludgers: (pic#6752083)
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What's more important than Quidditch practice?
gryffindor_seeker: fenostol (pic#7913039)
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[At the lake, watching the Squid.]
hisowngain: (last cigarette on my teeth)
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Someday, darling, we? Will make history.
mooney: (Default)
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If we're caught, I'm blaming you.
lilys: (Default)
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Alright, who snuck in the firewhiskey?
sophically: shade, shadow (umbra)
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The war has to end, right?
malfoyboy: (Blue eyes)
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 This can't actually be happening, right?
the_blond_black: (disgusted)
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[Ew, what is that ugly thing?]
mooney: (Default)
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Can I help you with that?
femaledragonkeeper: (Daydreaming about dragons)
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Currently, the only dragon obsessed Weasley.
furry_little_problem: (In thought)
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[Looking for much needed chocolate bar.]
ssnape: (Default)
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[boards his very last Hogwarts Express]
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