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Name:Harry Potter Six Word Stories
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Six Word Stories for the Harry Potter fandom
Derived from all other Six Word Story forums, but particularly this one.

The original Livejournal community is also worth a look.


Each first post must be six words, and six words only. This includes strikeouts, [words in brackets], and words in italics. Proper contractions (you're, I'm, etc.) count as one word.

Please tag every entry. The tags are self-explanatory, but if you have a question, let us know.

Rating. This is not the place for anything above PG-13.

Promotional posts. As long as you use the 'ooc' tag, keep your entry only six words long, and only promote HP-related communities, promotional posts are allowed.

OOC Information. Please make use of the alternate fields to provide information about your preferences (era, who should respond, etc.) if any.

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